Born in Kyoto, December 21, 1981
Tatsushige was trained under the 26th head of the Kongo school,

KONGO Hisanori-sensei, and his father, UDAKA Michishige.

He started his career as a Kokata actor when he was three years old.

Besides his career on stage, he has extensive teaching experience in Noh Theatre,

and has performed and given workshops and lecture-demonstrations not only in Japan,

but also in South Korea, France, and the U.S. over the past decade.

He is now based in Kyoto.





With the permission of Kongo Hisanori-sensei, the 26th head of the Kongo school,

I would like to announce that I will have the first performance in my life

hosted by myself.

Noh Theatre has its long history of being performed for about 650 years.

I think this long history has been the continuance of a moment of “ICHIGO ICHIE

(Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur)” which has been created by the

actors who tried to express the aesthetic and splendor of the stage, and the

audiences who found out this interesting.

I am still a youngster in this world of Noh Theatre. However, during these 30

years from my first performance which I stood on the stage without knowing

anything, I gradually getting realized the attraction of Noh Theatre gazing long

at each master’s back and their look toward the stage.

The 30 years to the future from now on, as one of the member of the actors who

express the splendor of Noh Theatre, I would like to devote my life to the

pursuit of my faith to have a performance that could be interesting enough for

the audience to see.

I wish, from bottom of my heart, to create the future of the Noh Theatre with

you, who would come to see this Tatsushigenokai performance, accumulating the

moment of “ICHIGO ICHIE” together.

As the first step of this long and beautiful journey, I would like to perform

very challenging play, HIRAKI of the Noh “MOCHIZUKI”, with the support from all

the master who taught me the attraction of Noh Theatre.

Thank you.


Saturday, 14th March. 2015     14:00-17:00 p.m. (doors open at 13:30)


The Kongo Noh Theatre,

Nakadachiuri-agaru, Karasuma-dori, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto. 602-0912.

Subway Karasuma-Imadegawa (K06), South Exit (n.6). walk South 300m.


SS (Center reserved seats) 15000 yen
S (Center reserved seats) 10000 yen.
A (Side reserved seats) 8000 yen.
B (mid-center reserved seats) 5000 yen
Family seats * 7000 yen / 2 people (3500 yen for an extra seat)
Next Generation seats * 3000 yen
Loge Boxes * 50000 yen / 1-5 people


【Family seats】 The seats for a family within a child over 6 years old (could be a grand-child too)

【Next Generation seats】  We prepared this seats for growing the number of the next generation Noh

Theatre fans.  The seats are available for the audience who attend Noh theatre performance for the

first time, for students, and for someone who is practicing and would like to work in a Theatre field.

【Loge Boxes】 This is the bamboo-blind box seats located in the back of the Center reserved seats. 

There are 3 loge boxes, and each Box has 5 seats inside.  The bamboo-blind will be opened for the performance.



We prepare the child nursing service for 1 to 5 years old children for this performance using a day

nursery room of Chiisai-Putte in Shijo-Karasuma.  The fee is 2000-3000 yen for a child. 

Please call us (080-4243-7440) for the further information.

The Utai (Chant) of Mochizuki CD is on sale with the lyric sheet and the translation of English,

French, and Italian for 1000 yen.  The CD will be sent to you with the tickets. 

Please purchase it with ticket if you are interested.


Tatsushige-no-kai Office

Phone:  81-(0)80-4243-7440 (Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00)

Email:  info@tatsushigenokai.com (24 hours)


Internet ticket reservation (only in Japanese)

CoRich舞台芸術! http://stage.corich.jp   Please search for “タツシゲの会” from the Top page.

Kongo Noh Theatre http://www.kongou-net.com/


General sales release of the tickets will be on 15th December. 2014. 


*The early reservation would be highly recommended.

*The repayment for tickets and CDs are not available after the purchase.

*The tickets sold on the day will be available only if there will be an unsold seat.


Greeting UDAKA Tatsushige


ICCHO (Shoulder drum and Chanting) “EGUCHI”

Kozutsumi: SOWA Hiroshi 
Chant: UDAKA Michishige


Shite: KONGO Hisanori
Jiutai: IMAI Kiyotaka

        TANEDA Michikazu

        TESHIMA Yukihiro

        SHIGEMOTO Masaya.


Shite (Mountain Priest): SHIGEYAMA Masakuni
Ado (Master): MATSUMOTO Kaoru
Ado (Taro Kaja): SHIGEYAMA Shigeru
Kouken: MASUDA Hiroki


Shite: UDAKA Tatsushige
Tsure: HIROTA Yasuyoshi
Kokata: URUSHIGAKI Koudai
Waki: KOBAYASHI Tsutomu
Ai Kyogen: SHIGEYAMA Yoshinobu
Fue(Flute): SUGI Ichikazu
Kozutsumi(Shoulder drum): SOWA Naoyasu
Otsuzumi(Hip drum): KAWAMYRA Masaru
Taiko(drum): MAEKAWA Mitsunaga
Kouken: HIROTA Taizou
        HIROTA Yukitoshi
        SHIMAZAKI Nobuhisa
Jiutai(Chorus): TESHIMA Michiharu
                MATSUNO Yasunori
                KONGO Tatsunori
                IMAI Katsunori
                TESHIMA Kouji
                UDAKA Norishige
                ONO Yoshirou
                YAMADA Natsuki


The scheduled finish time for the program is 5pm.

* There will be some refreshments at the lobby after the performance. 

  Please have some pleasant talks is you have some time.

* The photography, recording sound nor films during the performance are strictly

  prohibited.  Please turn off your mobile phone when you are seated.